About us

Myflora, foryears in the field of on-line flower trade, is a company foundedwith the aim to achieve and fulfill the expectations of those whotrust us with confidence and esteem and to transmit your emotions toyour loved ones through the grace and the elegance with which onlythe flowers know how to communicate.

Myfloraoffers a match service floral gifts with small but nice gift shop; anexclusive concept in Italy , who has found a very good feedback fromour customers because it is nice to let impress, to caress, to cheerfrom a fresh and refined thought.

Strong of ayoung and dynamic staff, always ready to advise, to "coddle"their own customers and to meet any request, from the simplest to themost bizarre, Myflora delivers , in respect of the times, floralgifts all over Italy and throughout the world.

Our companymakes use of the collaboration of hundreds of florists, all carefullyselected, as well as the most advanced technologies which allow it todo its best work, to ensure a high quality of services and productsand to be known and appreciated in the flower sector and not only.

Trust withserenity to Myflora, always ready to propose new ideas, to think andto advise the more suitable homage to the emotions that you want toarouse, because….. Myflora colorize your emotions !

Myflora belongs to
WEBBIZ s.r.l.s.
Via Vittorio Veneto 13
73020 Cutrofiano (LE)
P.IVA / C.F.: 04966520753

mobile: 320 642 9555
email: info@myfloraweb.com