Terms and conditions

Our aim is to meet the expectations of our customers, with the determination and the courtesy that characterize our activities; for this, in order to offer an excellent service, you must read carefully and keep in mind the following points :

Images of products

Our products ( bouquet, bunches, baskets) are packaged, just before the delivery, with fresh and seasonal flowers . Each floral present is what comes of the style and creativity of our florists, it could happen that the final result is different from the images of presentation , they represent the model of reference of the products and give an idea for what concerns the combination of colors and flowers, the type of accessories. If the day of delivery, the florists were unprovided with some article, the same will be replaced with another of equal or higher price. Images always refer to the medium arrangement of the product and do not include vases and other accessories, if not explicitly specified.

Availability of selected flowers

Since products are fresh, it may happen that in the day of delivery a specific flower is not available so we will proceed to the replacement with the same type of flower but of different color or with similar flowers of the same color of those chosen . The aim is to obtain a result as much as possible like the image of the product selected. If the presence of a specific flower is an indispensable condition, please contact our call center to make sure about the availability, otherwise the customer must accept tacitly the replacement.

Correct data of delivery

Ensure that delivery has a good outcome, it is necessary to complete correctly all data requested during the compilation of the order, especially the phone number whose receives the floral tribute, in absence of this, Myfloraweb doesn’t assumes the responsibility for the failure. If the data were not corrected during the first delivery attempt, Myflora will try to contact you, but without any responsibility if it is not possible to reach you, for this reason the order will be properly escaped, unless we agree with the customer other delivery attempts which cost may vary from 10 to 20 euro depending on the places.

Date and time of delivery

All the floral gifts will be delivered on the date indicated at the time of the order compilation, with particular attention to the bands of time you have chosen. These last ones, however, are not binding but are an expression of a preference. If selection of the time should be essential because otherwise the receiver could not be found in other moments, you must choose the option MANDATORY TIME.

Urgent deliveries

Myfloraweb may effect urgent deliveries within 2 hours, in some cases within 1 hour, provided that you choose the option URGENT DELIVERY. The urgency is from the moment of a proper reception of the payment , it is always meant in normal store hours (from 9 to 13 and from 15.30 to 19.30) that can vary according to the place and season. The option URGENT DELIVERY is not valid for holidays and abroad. In these two cases the order will be properly escaped to the requested date throughout the day.

Additional gifts: sweets and cakes

All additional gifts can be of various brands, chosen from among the best on the market at the time of delivery. In particular, as regards the sweets or the fresh cakes, it is recommended to carry out the order with a few days in advance so as to ensure the availability of the product according to the preferences. In contrary case, if the order is effected with date of equal delivery at the day of compilation and the article was not available , we will proceed automatically to the substitution of the select product with one similar, of the same or superior value, in the respect of the typology of the original product.

Delivery abroad

Deliveries abroad must be received within 48-72 hours in advance of delivery date, due to the time zone of the various places. Myfloraweb will do the possible to deliver the floral homage according to the demand date even if the order was effected with a brief advance, however, reserving itself the possibility to deliver within 3 days from the compilation date of the order. In some nations it is possible to deliver in the same day when we effect the order , therefore don’t hesitate to contact our call center for whatever application.

Different place of delivery from private residence (offices, hospitals, hotels…)

In the case of different delivery place from private habitation, it is necessary to consider the following points:

1) Office: if the place of delivery is an office , you need to specify the times of it and if you require a specific time you must choose the optionMANDATORY TIME, otherwise, we will delivery in the course of the day and if the office is already closed to the arrival of florist, delivery will be delayed to the next working day.

2) Hospital: if the place of delivery is a hospital, you need to specify the name of the patient, the department and the room number, if you haven’t got these data, it will be essential the phone number whom receives the flowers , so delivery will happen previous a telephone accord with the receiver.

3) Hotel: if the place of delivery is a hotel , you need to give the name and the number of the room with which the guest is recorded. Generally it is not possible to bring the flowers up to the room , but according to the practice, we must leave the present at the reception desk and then it will be care of the staff of the hotel to consign it to the person concerned .

All deliveries in different places from a private residence will be effected in the respect of the rule of the structure in which is the receiver ; for this, some application of reimbursement cannot be advanced if delivery is not successful for rules and ties imposed by the same structure.

Special occasions and festive days

In occasion of celebrations or special occasions we recommend that you place orders with a few days in advance to enable us to manage them better, in any case during these special events, all orders will be processed in a day and may not be made any request for refund in the event of specific requests for a defined time that have not been met , specifying that we shall do everything to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

On 14th of February Valentine’s Day : we recommend placing an order with at least 3 days in advance ; instant messages will alert customers about the possibility to correctly manage the orders of the last time.

On 8th of March Women’s Day : it is preferable to carry out the order with a few days in advance, since at a certain point of the day on 8 March the receiving orders might be locked. For the orders of the last time the delivery could take place the first working day after Women’s Day.

Mother’s Day :We recommend placing an order with a few days in advance; being the mother ‘s day always on Sunday, delivery could be brought forward to the evening of Saturday, in the case of special situations.

For orders of the last time you can choose the option "Urgent" on Sunday as well.

Christmas and New Year's : in general, all deliveries are made with 1-2 days in advance of the 25th December and 1th January , except telephone agreements about specificity of the date chosen. For orders of the last minute , delivery will take place after Christmas and New Year days.

Cancellation of order

Once the order and the payment are completed, the order cannot be cancelled because it is immediately taken over by our staff. However, in the case where the order has not already been assigned to the florist, it will be recognized a credit for a future order also to another address or city.

Change order

When you request an order, you can make changes only if the order has not already managed . In particular, if the change affects the message, you can do it, under the condition that floral tribute is not started from the shop of our florist; if the change is the address (street and number) , and the order has already been assigned to the florist in your area, your modification is only possible if new address is not very distant from that originally given, otherwise you may be required a integration for the higher costs of delivery, always that the florist agrees to the change. Finally, if the delivery concerns the city and the order has already been assigned to the florist in your area, it is no longer modifiable and will follow its course. In any case Myflora engages with its customers to find solutions depending on the circumstances, considering individually each case, in the event of problems.

Double Orders

Being all orders managed by the various operators, located even in different offices, in the case you make 2 orders , one of them will be immediately refunded if promptly signaled, always if it is not already been managed. Otherwise , we will proceed to the delivery of both orders, without that Myflora can be considered responsible for the mistake.

Demand of addition

All prices on our site are standard prices, valid for any location. It may happen, however, that in some cases, the delivery is in difficult to reach some places not covered by the service at the time of delivery, as mountain huts, beach resorts in winter periods etc. … In all these cases, rare but possible, you may be required an integration in order to conclude successfully the delivery. The customer will be promptly warned; if you do not agree to pay the supplement, the order will be immediately refunded to 100 %.

Mandatory Time of delivery

The option MANDATORY TIME can be chosen when you want the delivery to a precise time with an offset of 20 minutes before or after the time selected. The service is available from 10 am to 13.30 and from 17.00 to 19.30 and must be requested with a sufficiently in advance (4-5 hours, best if the day before). If you want to choose a time that does not fall within the bands indicated, do not hesitate to contact our call center, which will verify the possibility to satisfy your request.

Cases where Myfloraweb is not responsible

Myfloraweb can not be held liable in the following cases:

a) Poor conservation of the flowers when the delivery is delayed, because of the absence of the recipient or incorrect address;

b) The delivery is not possible for weather conditions such as to lock the normal traffic, for this reason it can be postponed to the following days;

c) Impossibility to deliver due to incorrect address, or difficulty to find it if the recipient does not answer the phone and the customer is not reachable or is not able to provide more information;

d) The recipient is not present at the address given.

If, in the cases (c) and (d) the flowers will come back to the shop, florist, within two working days, after the payment of costs of delivery, you will be able to make another delivery attempt with flowers already prepared , as in the prices of the products are included only one delivery attempt; in some cases, at the discretion of the florist, could be made more attempts.


Any complaints will be brought to the attention of Myfloraweb via mail , complete with order code and photographic documentation, within two days from the date of delivery. The images will have to reproduce the floral tribute so intact as delivered. Telephone complaints will not be able to be managed if not followed by an e-mail as well as previously specified, only in this case Myfloraweb will be able to evaluate the requests or complaints and to provide a timely response.